Kitka on KALW!

Listen to KALW rebroadcast of Hana Baba's 2014 interview with Kitka's Shira Cion and Corinne Sykes. Tune in to learn more about the development of our annual Wintersongs concert and Community Sing traditions!

Kitka Brings the Music of Eastern Europe to the Bay

Kitka's Wintersongs Co-Director Kelly Atkins shares her picks for upcoming Bay Area arts events in December on KALW's "Sights and Sounds." We are so fortunate to live in such a culturally rich corner of the world!

Sights & Sounds

San Francisco Classical Voice: “Kitka Remix” Filters Ancient Tones Through Modern Sensibilities

"When the world’s oldest song-transmission method meets the world’s most progressive song-production tools and techniques, is it bliss, or a blowout?

The women’s vocal ensemble Kitka specializes in traditional Eastern European songs, some of which predate Christianity and have been passed down by oral tradition — from mouth-to-ear-to-mouth — for centuries. In July, 2016 they launched a step-out-on-a-plank project, “Kitka Remix.” Designed to stimulate creativity and reveal possible future collaborations, the Oakland-based group invited musicians from multiple genres — rap, indie-rock, techno, jazz, classical, electronic, pop, funk, R&B, and more — to toy with Kitka material."

Read the article in San Francisco Classical Voice here!