The Kitka Remix Project

Artists from all over the Bay Area show you how to create a remix track using the mesmerizing voices of Kitka.

If you've never made a remix before, but want to learn how to create one, we invite you to a hands-on workshop with (insert artist or producer) at (insert venue) on (insert date and time).

Thanks to support from the James Irvine Foundation Exploring Engagement Fund, this workshop is free and limited to (insert #) of participants. Simply bring your laptop loaded with your software of choice (Pro-tools, Garageband, Audacity, Ableton, etc.), your headphones and your imagination.  

Domino of Oakland's legendary Hieroglyphics, MC Lars, Judah Nagler of The Velvet Teen, Jim Greer of the Rondo Brothers, Ultralash, Suave & Kevin Seal of CitizenFive, and Tim Carter of Kasabian have taken songs from Kitka's Wintersongs album and created new tracks - gritty Hip Hop, emotional Folk, psychedelic Funk/Soul, dance-worthy Electronica, dreamy Pop... many stunning examples of how a remix can transform the original song.  What will you create?

Go here to get more info on the Kitka Remix Project, listen to sample tracks, watch videos about the participating artists, and download sound files from the Hieroglyphics "Toolbox" for use in your track.

Attend the workshop on (insert date) or just create your own track, then submit it through to be included in the Kitka Remix Project.  All tracks will be posted on the Kitka website with your name, photo and home town.

In addition, Kitka singers will choose their favorite five tracks to be included in a companion digital release to Kitka's upcoming Wintersongs 2 album to be released in early 2016!