Upcoming Vocal Workshops

Two new workshops are being offered by Kitka alumni: Briget Boyle's 6-week series "Unleash Your Voice" and Kristine Barrett's 14-week "The Temple of Light Georgian Choir". 

Briget Boyle (Photo by April Renae)

Briget Boyle (Photo by April Renae)

Briget's workshop takes place every Tuesday from 6 - 9pm from July 19, 2016 through August 23, 2016.

"Unleash Your Voice"

This six-week workshop series (6 Tuesday nights) will focus on Eastern European singing techniques and how they can be applied to folk and popular styles from other regions. She will discuss and demonstrate how to develop a personal, confident, and healthy vocal technique, as well as how to perform effectively alone and in groups. At the end of the series, students will have the opportunity to perform some of the material learned in the workshop.

Ticket & more info here.

Kristine Barrett

Kristine Barrett

Kristine's workshop takes place every Sunday from 6 - 9pm starting on August 21, 2016 through December 4, 2016.

"The Temple of Light Georgian Choir" is an advanced vocal workshop series specializing in the hauntingly joyous music of the Republic of Georgia. In addition to learning a range of Georgian repertoire and honing ensemble skills, the series will also focus on developing our voices through exercises, meditations, experimentations, and explorations. Though musical craftsmanship will be an integral component to the group, its core will be fellowship and love.

Persons interested in auditioning should send raw a cappella audio (mp3) or video recordings (online links) of 1-2 vocal pieces showcasing the singer's ability and range along with a brief description of their singing background. Persons must be able to strongly maintain pitch, hold one's part, learn material by ear, take musical direction, and possess expressive singing abilities. Previous experience singing Georgian music is not necessary.

All genders and ages are welcome. Please send audition materials to Kristine Barrett.