Download free sound files for your remix

  • All files are in high quality (1080p) MP3 format
  • All downloads are free of charge
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  • Once downloaded, double click to "unzip" the file and retrieve sound files
  • Mp3 sound files can be imported into any sound editing software
  • Each "Remix" toolbox below lists the BPM ("beats per minute") of the original remix track.  (Use this information to set up your track in your software of choice)
  • If you are interested in remixing a track by Kitka not provided below, please contact us.

Kitka Toolbox: 
Four full mp3 tracks from Kitka's Wintersongs album: Dostojno Jest (Bulgaria), Nova Radost' Stala (Belarus), Otche Nash (Russia/Bulgaria) & Shchedrik (Ukraine)

Hiero Remix Toolbox #1:
Drums, Kitka vocal samples, effected vocal samples & full remix (to vocals or instrumentation) for Bozha Zvezda remix (98BPM)

Hiero Remix Toolbox #2:
Bass, drums, two Kitka vocal samples, electric guitar overlays by Tim Carter of Kasabian, MC vocal tracks by Duke & Chief, & full remix (to vocals or instrumentation) for Shen Khar Venakhi remix (89 BPM)

Rondo Remix Toolbox #1: 
Two Kitka vocal samples, three handclap samples, drums, kick drums, strings, two synth samples for Alilo Remix (75BPM)

Rondo Remix Toolbox #2:
Three Kitka vocal samples, bass, flute, FX, high hat, kick drum, four percussion samples, and snare drum samples for Byla Cesta Remix (120BPM)

MCLars Toolbox.png

MC Lars Remix Toolbox:
Doubled and lead MC Lars vocals, Kitka vocal samples, screams and drums for Betlehem, Betlehem Remix (135 BPM)