Evening Star


Evening Star


Evening Star is Kitka's much-anticipated sequel to Wintersongs, an album praised by NPR as "a refreshing spin on traditional seasonal choral music... thoroughly marvelous!"

"Truly a soundtrack for a season of awe..." Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

Evening Star's 22-track playlist includes sacred and secular pieces inspired by cosmic wonders and earthly rituals of the winter season. This collection features meticulously researched and creatively arranged songs sung in Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Georgian, Yiddish, Latvian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Mingrelian, Svan, Laz, and Greek interspersed with sonic surprises guaranteed to delight the ear and stir the soul. 

The Evening Star physical CD package includes a 16-page booklet with comprehensive liner notes. 


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1. Collage of Koleda Carols (Bulgarian) 
2. Zapovedi blaženstv / The Beatitudes (Russian) 
3. D-oi roagă (Romanian)
4. Mze shina da mze gareta (Georgian) 
5. Momci koledarci (Bulgarian)
6. Three Yiddish Lullabies (Yiddish) 
7. Kur bijāti ziemassvētki (Latvian) 
8. Zamuči se Božja Majka (Serbian) 
9. Što se beli gore Šar-Planina (Serbian)
10. V hospodaron’ka (Ukrainian) 
11. Zvezda večernica (Bulgarian) 
12. Alilo (Megrelian) 
13. Koledna zvezda (Bulgarian) 
14. Ščo v pana khazjajna (Ukrainian) 
15. K’viria (Svan) 
16. Heyamoli (Laz) 
17. Bel veter due (Bulgarian) 
18. Vetar vee (Bulgarian) 
19. Oj z-za hory (Ukrainian) 
20. Mirangula / Zimuška (Svan/Russian) 
21. Fly, Trembling Spirit (Greek/American)
22. A gute vokh (Yiddish) 

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