A refreshing spin on traditional seasonal choral music… thoroughly marvelous!

Few things evoke the magic of the winter holidays as the transcendent splendor of the human voice. Kitka has researched and discovered a treasure trove of seasonal music from a wide variety of Eastern European ethnic and spiritual traditions. Wintersongs showcases material ranging from rousing Slavic folk carols to lush, meditative Eastern Orthodox sacred choral works... from pre-Christian incantations for the longest nights of the year to Medieval Sephardic Chanukah songs to original new pieces inspired by the beauty and mystery of wintertime.

examples of the Wintersongs program

This melody has been widely sun throughout Belarus for generations.  Traditionally, wandering puppet theatre groups performing religious plays at Christmas time were accompanied by this song.  "A new joy appeared, such as never had been known before!  Above the stable, dawn's bright light shone."

Shop region, Bulgaria, arrangement by Stefan Dragostinov from the repertoire of the Philip Koutev Ensemble, via Tzvetanka Varimezova "The evening star shone way up on high. It lit up the broad earth and even further afar."

An early 19th century Moravian carol from the Frantichek Sushil Collection. From the repertoire of Iren Lovasz. Arrangement by Lily Storm. "There was a road trod-upon. Who walked upon it? The mother of our Lord Christ. St. Elizabeth passed by her. 'Where are you going, my sister?'

the Wintersongs album

Please note, the program above is being offered for Kitka's 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. Additional ethnically specific and/or collaborative programs are also available by special arrangement. Kitka also offers a variety of community outreach activities including vocal workshops, choral masterclasses, community sings, lecture-demos, K-12 assembly programs, open rehearsals, pre-concert talks and more.

We would be delighted to discuss ways to engage your communities more deeply in Kitka's work.