Bulgarian folkloric soprano Tzvetanka Varimezova was born to a musical family in Pazardzhik in Bulgarian Thrace.  She started singing and playing accordion at age 9, and went on to master tambura and piano at the Kotel High School for Folk Music and at the Plovdiv Conservatory. From 1979 to 1996, she performed as a soloist and assistant conductor with the Bulgarian National Folk Ensembles Trakija, Philip Koutev, and Pazardzhik.  Since 1989 Tzvetanka has been a soloist and conductor with Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares; and Les Grand Voix Bulgares, an ensemble specializing in Bulgarian folk and Orthodox music. She has also performed with the Bulgarian Radio Choir and Trio Bojura. With these ensembles and others, she has toured throughout Europe, Russia, Japan, Latin America, and the USA.

In 1993 she began working with two Bulgarian-style choirs in Denmark: Sedjanka and Usmifka. Since 2001, she has been a master artist in residence in the University of California, Los Angeles, ethnomusicology department, where she teaches Balkan singing technique and conducts the UCLA Bulgarian women's choir Superdevojche. Concurrently, she has been working as a vocal coach for the American choirs KITKA (Oakland, CA), Nevenka (Los Angeles, CA), Zhena (San Pedro, CA), and Born to Drone (Redwood City, CA).

Tzvetanka is also a regular faculty member of the East European Folklife Center's West and East Coast Balkan Music & Dance Workshops. She joined KITKA as a featured soloist twice in the 2002-2003 season, also performing De Benegnung with the Oakland Ballet (Robert Henry Johnson, choreographer; Krasimir Kjurkchiski, composer) in November 2002, and appearing at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral in February 2003.

Tzvetanka has many solo recordings to her name and is well known for her clear, brilliant, soprano voice and her interpretations of the highly ornamented songs from her native Pazardzhik region.

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