Adapted from Tutarchela's website:

In October 2010, we toured Georgia and Armenia. While in Tbilisi, we met with the women's choir Tutarchela, directed by Tamar Buadze. They taught us this winter holiday song from Samegrelo, Georgia, sung in the Megrelian language. Translation: "May God grant you many New Year's blessings.

The women and girl's choir “Tutarchela” was established at the beginning of 2004 in Rustavi, under the guidance of Mrs. Tamar Buadze. The choir consists of 13 singers, most of which have graduated from Tbilisi State conservatory's choir-conducting department. The group performs European and classic songs, folk songs of different countries as well as folk songs from all regions of Georgia.

In the short time since its formation, the choir has learned and performed wide repertoire in various genres, and this, in addition to the rarity of a women's choir performing traditionally men's music, makes Tutarchela stand out in its originality. Much of their Georgian folk song repertoire as a rule is sung only by men, and in fact, Tutarchela is the first Georgian choir to challenge male singers with this non-traditional approach to traditional music. Their rich low voices are tremendous, constantly surprising and thrilling the listener: you would never imagine this music could be performed by women! Notably, such repertoire is mainly represented by the ‘manly' songs, requiring a great deal of energy and emotion.

Much of their repertoire is "Lazic" folk songs arranged by Mrs. Tamar Buadze. Lazeti once belonged to Georgia but currently is Turkey`s territory. To collect forgotten, old songs from Lazeti and translate them into a Georgian traditional folk style was a great experiment and yet Tamar Buadze has had tremendous success.

Tutarchela recorded a CD just after 5 months of its inception, which includes 23 folk songs from all parts of Georgia.

Tutarchela women's ensemble dir. Tamar Buadze October 2010 Heyamoli arr. Tamar Buadze Translation (rough): Let's say one or two words about your beauty. I'm going to leave my mother and father and I'll be yours, yours only. Every one is satisfied, but you're not happy.

Repertoire includes works written by Georgian composers, Georgian folk songs, motets, madrigals and Renaissance pieces. In addition, they have sung Mozart, Pergolezy and Brahms. Tutarchela has participated in a number of cultural events in Georgia and abroad.

The majority of the members can also play Georgian folk instruments, including panduri, chonguri, doli. 

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