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KITKA: Wintersongs


A collection of some of the most beloved songs performed at Wintersongs concerts over the last three years. Wintersongs showcases material ranging from rousing Slavic folk carols and lush, meditative Eastern Orthodox sacred choral works, to pre-Christian incantations for the longest nights of the year and Hebrew folk songs for Chanukah. Highlights include Tec Peleite Zernju Zogtu, an ancient Latgalian (Eastern Latvian) Winter Solstice song invoking the god of the heavens and the goddess of the Sun; Koledni Pesni, a medley of Bulgarian folk carols recalling the nativity sung in the traditional antiphonal village style; and Byla Cesta, a poignant 19th-century Moravian carol. Other pieces include the sublime 12th-century Georgian hymn to the Virgin Shen Khar Venakhi; and a collection of joyful Shchedrivki, songs sung for the traditional Ukrainian New Year festival of Malanka.

Wintersongs was recorded in the world-famous acoustic environment of the Skywalker Studios in Marin County by Leslie Ann Jones, and was produced by Grammy-nominated Bay Area vocalist and band leader Linda Tillery. Accompanying KITKA on the Wintersongs CD are guest artists Peter Maund on percussion; Rumen Shopov on tambura (Bulgarian long-necked lute) and bouzouki; and Dan Cantrell on accordion. KITKA singers also accompany themselves on bells, fiddle (Leslie Bonnett); flute (Janet Kutulas); and rhythm tamburas (Juliana Graffagna and Shira Cion).

Tec, Peleite, Zernju Zogtu | MP3
Byla Cesta | MP3
Alilo | MP3
Otche Nash | MP3

Kitka Wintersongs: CD: $17
Kitka Wintersongs CD and
Songbook Bundle: $35
$10 - Download at
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KITKA: Wintersongs Songbook

Wintersongs Songbook

This companion songbook to KITKA’s critically-acclaimed 2004 CD, Wintersongs, contains musical transcriptions, lyrics in their original languages, English transliterations and translations, pronunciation guides, maps, a source recording discography, and much more. This book is the perfect gift for someone who loves to sing along...

Kitka: Wintersongs Songbook: $22
Kitka: Wintersongs CD and
Songbook Bundle: $35

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Kitka: Cradle Songs

I will remember everything

“Russia's Sappho,” Sophia Parnok (1885-1933), was the only openly lesbian poet during the Silver Age of Russian letters. Parnok was born in Tagenrog to a Jewish intellectual family. During her short lifetime, she published five volumes of poetry, a substantial body of literary criticism and translation, and authored the libretti of several operas, one of which became a major sensation at the Bolshoi Theater. Nevertheless, few readers have heard of her.

At the beginning of World War I, Parnok, met Marina Tsvetaeva, one of Russia’s most beloved poets, and the two became involved in a passionate love affair. Parnok also had relationships with a number of other remarkable and trailblazing women, including an actress, a mathematician, and a physicist. Bank’s sonic portrait of Parnok tells her story through the courageous poems she wrote to the women she loved.

I will remember everything CD: $15

Kitka: Cradle Songs

Kitka: Cradle Songs Songbook

Kitka: Cradle Songs: CD and Songbook

The gentle rhythms, lilting melodies, and poetic texts of traditional lullabies give voice to the innermost psyche of a mother. Through this voice, a child is ushered to the gateways of dreams, language, and culture. Kitka is pleased to present this collection of traditional and original lullabies and songs of childhood. These tunes were gathered from our gifted folk song mentors, our families, our friends, musical archives, and our collective imaginations and memories. We offer this album with love to listeners of all ages, as we recognize that one never outgrows the essential need to be soothed by a tender song.

Listen to and read more about Cradle Songs >

Cradle Songs CD: $17
Cradle Songs Songbook: $22
Cradle Songs CD and Songbook Bundle: $35
$10 - Download at
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Kitka: The Origin

Richard Einhorn's The Origin

The Origin is a multimedia oratorio in celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin, one of the world's greatest and most influential thinkers. Scored for soloists, chorus, orchestra, Kitka, and video projections by Bill Morrison, the piece centers upon the making of Darwin's masterwork: The Origin of Species. This CD is a studio recording of the six a cappella pieces performed by Kitka.

Annie’s Memorial | MP3
Letters | MP3
Voyage of the Beagle| MP3
Kitka: Origin: CD: $10

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Kitka: Sanctuary

Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert

Sanctuary’s playlist features meditative and ecstatic songs from Eastern European spiritual traditions woven together with folk songs whose haunting melodies and rich harmonies soar in resonant space. Several tracks showcase thrilling solos by Bulgarian diva Tzvetanka Varimezova, backed up by Kitka's lush choral textures. Sanctuary is inspired by our wildly-popular Cathedral concert programs, in which listeners are transported by a continuous unfolding of vocal music. The sequence of songs expresses a dynamic range of emotion that flows seamlessly from ethereal, contemplative pieces to tunes that rouse with their earthy rhythms.

Barem sa ergen, mamo, nahodih/Shen khar venakhi | MP3
Uzh vy goluby | MP3
Rafinka bolna legnala | MP3
Izraslo durvo visoko | MP3

Kitka: Sanctuary: CD: $17
$10 - Download at
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Kitka: The Rusalka Cycle

The Rusalka Cycle: Songs Between the Worlds

Music from the 2005 vocal-theater project co-created by Kitka, composer and music director Mariana Sadovska, and stage director Ellen Sebastian Chang.

In Slavic folklore, Rusalki are the restless spirits of women who have died unjust, untimely or unnatural deaths. They inhabit the waters, forests, and fields, luring people to them with their mesmerizing songs and wild laughter. Performed by the eight powerful vocalists of Kitka, The Rusalka Cycle is a riveting dream-like journey that weaves traditional Eastern European folk song together with original music by Mariana Sadovska. This CD features Kitka singing as you’ve never heard them sing before. With stirring accompaniment by cellists Moses Sedler and Elaine Kreston, and percussionist Kevin Mummey, this CD captures the highly dramatic and risk-taking performance piece that took the San Francisco Bay Area by storm in the fall of 2005. Plans are currently underway to tour The Rusalka Cycle nationally and internationally in 2007-2008.

Awakening | MP3
Wave | MP3

Kitka: The Rusalka Cycle: CD: $17
$10 - Download at
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KITKA: The Vine

The Vine

The Vine features nineteen Balkan and Slavic folksongs sung with soulful abandon. Co-produced by Kit Higginson with Grammy-nominee Linda Tillery, The Vine was recorded with state-of-the-art technology by world-class engineer Leslie Ann Jones in the incredible natural acoustics of Skywalker Studios. Features the song most requested at our concerts: Shen Khar Venakhi (You are a vineyard, just blossoming), a timeless Georgian hymn to the divine feminine, as heard on A Prairie Home Companion and NPR's Performance Today.

Subrali Sa Se Subrali | MP3
Shen Khar Venakhi | MP3
Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek Kataetsja | MP3
Cantec De Leagane | MP3

Kitka: The Vine: CD: $17
$10 - Download at
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Kitka: Nectar


Nectar features eighteen earthy and ethereal Balkan and Slavic folksongs. For those of you who have requested recordings of favorite tunes like Shto Mi E Milo, Dumai Zlato, Tsintsharo, and Hopp Ide Tiszt-n, this CD is for you!

Shto Me E Milo | MP3
Tsintsharo | MP3
Shto Si, Goro, Povyakhnala? | MP3
Ogreyala Mesechina | MP3

Kitka: Nectar: CD: $17
$10 - Download at
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Voices On The Eastern Wind

Voices on the Eastern Wind

“Rapturous and subtle--the layered singing varies from earthly harmonies to pristine heavenly sonorities.” --Dirty Linen Magazine

“Sends listeners into a trance with free-form fantasias of lush, sinuous, and dissonant contrapuntal lines.” --Sing Out! Magazine

Kitka: Voices on the Eastern Wind: CD: $17
$10 - Download at
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Cantigas de Amigo

Cantigas de Amigo/
Songs for a Friend

This recording by the internationally acclaimed early music group Ensemble Alcatraz (Cheryl Ann Fulton, harps; Kit Higginson, recorders and psaltery; Shira Kammern, vielle and rebec; Peter Maund, percussion; and Susan Rode Morris, soprano) features KITKA singing four 13th century Galician-Portuguese love songs and two Cantigas in praise of the Virgin Mary. The other selections showcase Ensemble Alcatraz's exquisite artistry and imaginative approach to early music. Recorded for Dorian Records at Skywalker Ranch in November 1999.

Sen calar | MP3
Mandad' ei comigo | MP3
Rosa das rosas | MP3

Kitka: Cantigas de Amigo: CD $17

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Kitka and Davka In Concert

Kitka & Davka In Concert: Old and New World Jewish Music

Winner of a 2007 Accolade Award of Excellence

“The wildest, most unhinged drum solos I have ever witnessed... It’s a rock show with pyrotechnic grandeur, just without the rock or the pyrotechnics.” — Rob Harvilla, EAST BAY EXPRESS

“Davka’s four musicians whirl their spells with a supple interplay of violin, cello, bassoon and percussion. Their compositions and improvisations, swirling around a center of enlivened klezmer melodies and pulsing Middle Eastern rhythms, weave a dancing, winding path through the diversity of Jewish cultural and historic experience…” — Jerry Karp, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

“Simply amazing harmonies…truly this is the most wonderful singing I have ever heard.”
     — David Crosby, CROSBY, STILLS, AND NASH

“The singing of KITKA was tangy, excellently in tune and verbally communicative.”
     — Andrew Porter, THE NEW YORKER

“KITKA’s songs are hauntingly beautiful, simple, yet otherworldly. The rich sound these women produce resonates as if energized by the universe itself, as if it were calling all live beings and still matter into togetherness and unity.”
     — Ching Chang, SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES.

Kitka & Davka In Concert: DVD $21

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Sacred Voices... Sacred Sounds

Sacred Voices, Sacred Sounds

Recorded live in 1995 at our popular “Meditation Concerts,” this cassette features KITKA in concert with the renowned medieval instrumental group Ensemble Alcatraz.

“Like a spring lake of pure water and glittering ice--Invigorating and beautiful.” --Ladyslipper Music Review

Digital downloadable version at >
Kitka: Sacred Voices, Sacred Sounds: Cassette $6

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Our debut 1989 recording compiled from the best of our early live concert recordings.

“KITKA’s music’s power is in the lusty, full-voiced singing and glottal gymnastics which are capable of taking the top of your head right off.” --Option Magazine

Digital downloadable version at >

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