Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert


Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert


Sanctuary’s playlist features meditative and ecstatic songs from Eastern European spiritual traditions woven together with folk songs whose haunting melodies and rich harmonies soar in resonant space. Several tracks showcase thrilling solos by Bulgarian diva Tzvetanka Varimezova, backed up by Kitka's lush choral textures. Sanctuary is inspired by our wildly-popular Cathedral concert programs, in which listeners are transported by a continuous unfolding of vocal music. The sequence of songs expresses a dynamic range of emotion that flows seamlessly from ethereal, contemplative pieces to tunes that rouse with their earthy rhythms. (2008) 

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1. Uz vy golubi (Russia)
2. Oj borovaja (Ukrainian)
3. Zabljalo mi e agunce (Bulgarian)
4. Tsmindao Ghmerto (Georgian)
5. Gorani (Armenian)
6. Rafinka bolna legnala (Bulgarian)
7. Ve'erastikh li le'olam (Greek Sephardic)
8. Tsomo lekho nafshi (Lithuanian/Belarusian Jewish)
9. Izraslo durvo visoko (Bulgarian/Macedonia)
10. Kalimanku Denku (Bulgarian)
11. Gorice sitna, zelena (Bulgarian)
12. Strahil hajdutin (Bulgarian)
13. Szombateste bucsuztato (Hungarian Jewish)
14. Tebe Poem ~ Gospodi pomiluj (Bulgarian/Russian)
15. Barem sa ergen, mamo, nahodih (Bulgarian) ~ Shen khar venakhi (Georgian)
16. Znaes li, Janke (Bulgarian) ~ Poruska-Paranja (Russian)

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