Sacred Voices, Sacred Sounds


Sacred Voices, Sacred Sounds


Recorded live in 1995 at our popular “Meditation Concerts,” this cassette features KITKA in concert with the renowned medieval instrumental group Ensemble Alcatraz.

“Like a spring lake of pure water and glittering ice--Invigorating and beautiful.” --Ladyslipper Music Review


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1. Daj Si, Vase (Bulgaria)
2. Grjoza (Russia)
3. Stiga Jodiš (Bulgaria)
4. Momiče Hubavo (Bulgaria)
5. Hopp Ide Tisztán (Hungary)
6. Na Zarje Bylo (Russia)
7. Bog, Daj Bog (Croatia)
8. Jovano, Jovanke (Macedonia)
9. Akyare Chedo (U.S.A.)
10. Cradle Song (Romania)
11. Ispod Duba (Bosnia)
12. Na Češmata (Bulgaria)
13. Dor Tri Mi Puški Puknaa (Bulgaria)
14. Akyare Chedo (Reprise)

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