DVD - Kitka & Davka in Concert: Old and New World Jewish Music


DVD - Kitka & Davka in Concert: Old and New World Jewish Music


Winner of a 2007 Accolade Award of Excellence

“Davka’s four musicians whirl their spells with a supple interplay of violin, cello, bassoon and percussion. Their compositions and improvisations, swirling around a center of enlivened klezmer melodies and pulsing Middle Eastern rhythms, weave a dancing, winding path through the diversity of Jewish cultural and historic experience…” — Jerry Karp, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

“KITKA’s songs are hauntingly beautiful, simple, yet otherworldly. The rich sound these women produce resonates as if energized by the universe itself, as if it were calling all live beings and still matter into togetherness and unity.”
     — Ching Chang, SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES.


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This is a DVD of the PBS special. Songs featured are listed below:

1. Yeirusholayim Slavnyi Gorod (Russian/Ukrainian/Hebrew)
2. Hubava Milka (Bulgarian, arr. Nikolai Kaufman)
3. Ma navu (Israeli Hebrew, comp. Yoseph Spivak, arr. Shira Cion)
4. A la Una Yo Naci (Sephardic, arr. Briget Boyle)
5. Mayn Rue-Platz (American Yiddish, comp. Morris Rosenfeld, arr. Ethel Raim)
6. Tsomo Lekho Nafshi (Lithuania/Belarus, sung in Hebrew, arr. Janet Kutulas)
7. Yo Hanino, Tu Hanina (Bosnian Sephardic, arr. Daniel Hoffman)
8. Rhapsody for a Young Rhino (Instrumental music by Davka)
9. El Rey de Francia (Sephardic from Smyrna, arr. Davka)
10. Las Esuegras de Agora (Turkish Sephardic, arr. Kitka & Davka)
11. Moshe Emet (Hebrew, arr. Daniel Hoffman)
12. La Rosa Enflorese (Bulgarian Sephardic, arr. Nikolai Kaufman)
13. Alta, Alta es la Luna (Greek Sephardic, arr. Leslie Bonnett, Juliana Graffagna, and Davka)
14. Szól a Kakas Már (Hungarian/Hebrew, arr. Lily Storm & Davka)
15. El Incendio de Salonica (Greek Sephardic, arr. Kitka & Davka)
16. Bactrian (Instrumental music by Davka)