I will remember everything


I will remember everything


Composed by Eric Banks and sung by Kitka.

“Russia's Sappho,” Sophia Parnok (1885-1933), was the only openly lesbian poet during the Silver Age of Russian letters. Parnok was born in Tagenrog to a Jewish intellectual family. During her short lifetime, she published five volumes of poetry, a substantial body of literary criticism and translation, and authored the libretti of several operas, one of which became a major sensation at the Bolshoi Theater. Nevertheless, few readers have heard of her.

At the beginning of World War I, Parnok, met Marina Tsvetaeva, one of Russia’s most beloved poets, and the two became involved in a passionate love affair. Parnok also had relationships with a number of other remarkable and trailblazing women, including an actress, a mathematician, and a physicist. Bank’s sonic portrait of Parnok tells her story through the courageous poems she wrote to the women she loved. (2014)

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1. Prologue: In that infinite moment
2. How can I describe?
3. The luxury of misery
4. Subdued by silence
5. A storm of caresses
6. This I know deeply
7. An abundant harvest
8. Noble and dry
9. The secret contours
10. Sotto voce
11. In the fading garden
12. The utter opulence
13. A dark circle 03:19
14. The other way around!
15. Too many times
16. Once and for all
17. In this cradle
18. No longer
19. The ring of Aphrodite
20. That tranquil hour
21. Lost in my thoughts
22. Like music
23. The amulet of your palm
24. In the midst of all
25. Give me your hand
26. My incurable passion
27. Come what may...
28. For this final time
29. Epilogue: In that infinite moment

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