Cradle Songs


Cradle Songs


The gentle rhythms, lilting melodies, and poetic texts of traditional lullabies give voice to the innermost psyche of a mother. Through this voice, a child is ushered to the gateways of dreams, language, and culture. Kitka is pleased to present this collection of traditional and original lullabies and songs of childhood. These tunes were gathered from our gifted folk song mentors, our families, our friends, musical archives, and our collective imaginations and memories. We offer this album with love to listeners of all ages, as we recognize that one never outgrows the essential need to be soothed by a tender song. (2009)

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1. Cradle Song (Russian Jewish)
2. Megruli Nana (Georgian)
3. Haidi Nani (Romanian)
4. Nanourisma (Greek, Southern Albanian)
5. Butterfly Songs (Bulgarian, American)
6. Three Armenian Lullabies (Armenian)
7. Dzurk, Dzurk (Komi-Zyrian)
8. Bedtime Story (Russian, Ukranian)
9. Kakhuri Nana (Georgian)
10. Slow to the Dawn (American)
11. Sun Sunuvah, Sun Bulnuvah (Bulgarian)
12. Kenge Djepi (Albanian)
13. Es Ak'vani (Georgian)
14. Oj Jano, Jano (Macedonian)
15. Lale Li Si, Zjumbjul Li Si, Gjul Li Si (Bulgarian)
16. Aylye, Lyulye, Lyulye (Yiddish)
17. Sednala E Majka Kraj More (Bulgarian)
18. Nani, Nani, Kitka Mou (International)

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