Even God stops to listen when KITKA—unamplified, without sets, props, instruments, or even lyrics most people can understand—opens its collective mouth. The sound is so chillingly beautiful, by anyone’s standards, that the entire audience sits enraptured, most of them with eyes shut. My own eyes flooded with tears.
— Summer Burkes, THE GUARDIAN

Kitka’s Sanctuary program features meditative and ecstatic songs from Eastern European spiritual traditions interwoven with polyphonic folk songs whose haunting melodies and harmonies soar in resonant space. Listeners are transported by a continuous unfolding of music that flows seamlessly from ethereal, contemplative pieces to tunes that rouse with their earthy rhythms.

examples of sanctuary program

From the CD, Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert.  Source and Translation: Strandza Region, Bulgaria, arr. Krasimir Kjurciski. A song of forbidden love. "Godmother Denku, oh beautiful Denka. Until now you were my godmother; from now on, you are my true love."

SHEN GIGALOBT Georgian Orthodox tradition, as sung by Georgian women's ensemble Ialoni, who met with Kitka in Tbilisi in October, 2010 In the Georgian Orthodox liturgy, there is a list of praises to God which is similar to that in the Gloria of the Roman Catholic mass.

From the CD, Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert.  Source and Translation: Kartli-kakheti region, Eastern Georgia, traditional, from the repertoire of the Rustavi Choir Georgia adopted Christianity in the 4th century.

the Sanctuary album

Selected Reviews of the Sanctuary program

Sanctuary reviewed in The Milwaukee Express

Please note, the program above is being offered for Kitka's 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. Additional ethnically specific and/or collaborative programs are also available by special arrangement. Kitka also offers a variety of community outreach activities including vocal workshops, choral masterclasses, community sings, lecture-demos, K-12 assembly programs, open rehearsals, pre-concert talks and more.

We would be delighted to discuss ways to engage your communities more deeply in Kitka's work.