The Cultural Heritage Choir is a Grammy-nominated, percussion-driven vocal ensemble whose mission is to help preserve and share the rich musical traditions of African-American roots music. Their music is rooted in the Deep South and strongly connected to their West African and Caribbean origins.

"Some people are political just because of who you are." - Linda Tillery. For more: #TSFFCLA

Performing together since 1992, the Cultural Heritage Choir creates dynamic rhythms and sparkling energy on stage. Their vocals are lush and vibrant; their performances are poignant and uplifting.

live @ the Cognac Blues Passions [FR] 2008 video project © by Beate Sandor

The groups first collaboration with veteran performers Taj Mahal and Eric Bibb entitled Shakin' A Tailfeather, was nominated for a Grammy [1997] and their second collaborative effort Hippity Hop, was awarded a Parent’s Choice Award (2000). The group's most recent recording entitled Say Yo' Business, was nominated for a California Music Award. (2003)

In 2002, Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir joined forces with KITKA for Songs from Mama's Table, a celebration of the commonalties and contrasts between Balkan, Slavic and African American women’s singing traditions.

Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir have become world renowned for their breathtaking performances and commitment to the authenticity of African-American roots music. In addition to live performance, the group has conducted vocal workshops and residencies with the Oakland Youth Chorus, the MIT Concert Choir. Utah State Univ.(Logan), Kulturama (Stockholm Sweden), Festival 500 in St. John’s Newfoundland, One Voice Choir (Klagenfurt, Austria), Berkeley Unified School District, Spelman College, and Univ. of Maryland.

If you would like to delve deeply into the diverse resources of African-American roots music and learn the tradition of call and response and the rhythms that drive this music and give it vitality, the Cultural Heritage Choir will teach you how to approach singing with the ears, eyes and the heart. Learn to sing Work Songs, Spirituals, Children's Play Songs, Field Hollers, Moans, Ring Shouts and Plantation Dances.

Children’s Shows

Since its inception, the Cultural Heritage Choir has continued its commitment to maintaining the centuries old tradition of African-American children's play songs and rhymes. Their release Hippity Hop was awarded a Parent’s Choice Award (2000). This CD's was made with "little people" in mind and have been used by teachers all over North America as teaching aids.

"What makes our concerts fun for kids is that they can really get involved in the music. We teach them rhythms, get them singing, clapping and dancing so it feels more like a party than a concert."

The Cultural Heritage Choir has done extensive work with the Berkeley Unified School District, Zellerbach School Program at UC Berkeley and appeared at the Vancouver International Children's Festival, Okanagan Children's Festival and the St. Albert Children's Festival (Canada).

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