Appearing in museum-quality handmade regional costumes, Kostroma, the vocal ensemble of Russian House Kedry, presents authentic renditions of folksongs and dances rarely heard outside of Russia's remote rural villages. Based in the South Bay, Russian House Kedry provides a venue for development and support of linguistic and artistic traditions in households where the Russian language is a part of family culture. Kedry's activities include organizing seasonal festivals rooted in old folk traditions; teaching Russian language classes for children in which traditional songs, circle games, foodways, and handcrafts are passed on; and sharing Russian culture with the multicultural community of Northern California through performances by the Kostroma vocal ensemble, directed by Siberian native Tanya Teodorovich (pictured above). Kostroma takes its name from the pagan Russian goddess of fertility and springtime renewal.

Founded by Russian immigrant traditional artists who had resettled in the Bay Area, Russian House Kedry is dedicated to preserving, developing and supporting Russian cultural traditions.

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