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  • Silk Road House 1944 University Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94704 United States (map)

Kitka presents:


Workshop I: Saturday, January 30, 2016 12-3 PM
Workshop II: Sunday, January 31, 2016 5-8 PM
Silk Road House
1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA
Cost: $45 per workshop/$80 for both

Tickets available here

Mariana Sadovska is a singer, musician, actress and composer. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, her work in music and theater is inspired by the indigenous cultures and sounds from around the world. By organizing ethno-musical expeditions, she has collected a large body of traditional songs, stories and rituals which she transforms into modern sounds for today's generation.

For many years, Mariana has lead workshops exploring the East-European traditional "white voice" as well a contemporary vocal techniques. Based on her experiences with the Polish Theatre Gardzienice she has developed a system of exercises enabling the discovery of the bonds between movement and singing, gesture and voice, rhythm and breath. She looks for the essence of every song, stimulating the imagination and strives for true expression. She acquaintances us with the rituals, social origins and basis of everyday life contained in the individual songs  e.g. calling songs, wedding songs, lullabies, ballads and healing songs.

Sadovska has conducted numerous workshops at colleges, universities, art centers, and festivals around the world, including International Workshop Festival (Israel), Grotowski Intitute (Poland), Giving Voice (GB), Royal Shakespeare Co. (UK), University of Kabul (Afghanistan), and Harvard, Princeton, Swarthmore, University of NM, UC Santa Barbara, and NYU (USA).

Mariana performs her the West Coast premiere of Chernobyl: The Harvest with the Kronos Quartet on February 4 at the SF Jazz Center. On February 6 at 5 PM, she will present a solo recital at SFJazz's Joe Henderson Lab which will include a special appearance by Kitka.

"Sometimes a musician has such an inborn desire to communicate that her message naturally becomes universal: it doesn't matter whether she is singing soul or bel canto or folk. Such was the case with the Ukrainian singer Mariana Sadovska." ~ Ben Ratliff , The New York Times